Compiling Athena


Do not compile or touch any file as root. Nobody can use such files anymore.
Paths shown on images may differ. Use the example paths, referring to Glossary if necessary.

As easy as can be:

svn-10: svn up
Change to Athena repository
$ cd SVN/stable

Update, if needed:
$ svn up

svn-11: make clean
Clean up:
Do not skip this!
$ make clean

svn-12: make sql
Compile Athena SQL:
$ make sql

svn-13: make txt
Compile Athena TXT:
$ make txt

svn-07: svn export

Change to /home/user/SVN
$ cd /home/user/SVN

Export and create export directory
$ svn export stable/ /home/user/Athena
Use any directory name you want.

svn-08: The Nix cp command, copying binaries
Copy binaries to Athena directory:
$ cp -rf stable/server* /home/user/Athena

svn-09: make conf
Finishing the Athena folder:

Change to exported directory
$ cd /home/user/Athena

Create configuration folders
$ make conf

The shortcut

If you do not mind not having the revision number, just follow the Export and Compile steps (in that order).

Watch out!

Although the code updating process will not touch your binaries and conf folder, it will update other folders, including npc. It is therefore not advisable to run Athena from the source directory. You might not be able to backtrace a problem.