Custom GRF Files


Be thorough! This is the file which gives characteristics to your server, such as custom aura and openning.bik.

At the time of writing, there is no known utility to pack GRF files on Linux.


The main function of this file is to over-ride settings in KRO GRFs. Once a hexed exe has loaded certain files, it will not load files with the same names again. For this reason, you should use a hexed executables which is not patched to read Data folder first and arrange for your custom GRF to be read first by specifying the read order in data.ini.

GRF Factory recommended

This is the GRF equivalent of the Data folder. You should use GRF Factory or similar utility to pack your client Data folder. You might want to know that all names must be converted to Korean before you pack Data folder. A conversion utility, called gayconv, is available from eAMirror.

You can also use gryff from

Installing GRF Factory:

Download GRF Factory from eAMirror. Download gayconv too while you are there.

Unpack the archive into a folder, e.g. C:\GF. You may use the GRF directory (C:\RO or whatever name you gave it earlier) for convenience. That is all to it.

Packing a GRF:

gf-dir-exe: Starting GRF Factory
Create a sub-directory in C:\GF called data. Do not use another name.

Copy the content of your Data folder into C:\GF\data.

Launch GRF Factory

gf-launched: Default GRF Factory startup pane
That is how GRF Factory looks like.

Click Add Dir button to launch the file browser.

gf-add-dir2: Adding a Data folder
Go to GRF Factory folder and select data directory.

gf-dir-cont: Contents of Data folder
Contents of the loaded data folder.

Note those green plus signs on the left.

Click Repack button to begin repacking.

gf-repack2: Saving a GRF file
Go to GRF Factory folder if you are not directed there and key in a name for the grf, say patch_1.grf.

gf-repack-wip: Repacking in progress
Repacking is in progress.

gf-repack-done: Repacking is complete
Repacking is done.

Unpacking a GRF:

gf-opengrf: Opening a grf file
Delete C:\GF\data or rename it. (This must be done)

Copy the target grf file into GRF Factory folder, e.g. adata.grf.

Launch GRF Factory, click Open Grf button and point to your GRF file, adata.grf in this case.

grf-opengrf-cont: Contents of a loaded GRF file
The contents of adata.grf is shown here.

Click Extract All button.

A data folder will be created. Check its contents if you want.

Patching a GRF:

gf-launched-open: Open a GRF file
We had prepared a patch GRF, patch_1.grf, earlier as described in Packing a GRF. We had also copied adata.grf into C:\GF as described in Unpacking a GRF.

Launch GRF Factory, click Open

gf-opengrf: Opening a grf file
Select adata.grf from file list

grf-opengrf-cont: Contents of a loaded GRF file
The contents of adata.grf as we had seen earlier.

Click Add Grf button.

gf-add-grf: Adding a grf file
Select patch_1.grf from file list

gf-add-grf-done: Merged contents of two grf files
The merged contents of patch_1.grf and adata.grf are shown here.

Note those files tagged with a pen icon on the left. Those files will be written over with files from patch_1.grf.

Then click Repack to patch adata.grf.

gf-save-grf-patch: Saving patched adata.grf
Key in a name for the new grf file, say adata-patch-1.grf.

gf-grf-patched-cont: Contents of the patched adata.grf
Patching is complete. Note that files are no longer tagged.

gf-grf-patched-file: The patched adata.grf
Just a confirmation that we have done it successfully. Do you see that new grf file?

You can rename it adata.grf to replace the existing one or edit [Windows grf-files.txt] [Linux grf-files.txt] to point to the patched GRF.

If you are using custom grf:

Patch hexed exe to read multiple grf and remove read data folder first from default options.
Prepare or edit data.ini and make your custom grf the first option.


How do I make a .gpf file?

Create the file as you will a .grf except in the save file stage where you use a .gpf extension.

Oops! I forgot about that extension...

Easy. Rename the file and add the .grf extension.

Can I compress GRF files?

GRF format is already compact at a ratio of about 1:5. You can compress slightly further with utilities like 7zip but the amount is hardly worth the effort.